KashFlow's Change Log

Remove Bank Accounts from Overview Page

In some instance you may not want all of your bank accounts to be included in calculations made on the Overview page. Now, when you create a bank account or edit its details you can tick a box to indicate that you would like it included or untick it to exclude…

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Custom Email Message and Subject Line

Up until now, if you had an invoice set up to be automatically created and to be automatically emailed to your client, the subject line and message would have been the same as whatever your default subject line and message is. You can now define your own custom subject line and…

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Supplier Statement Updated

The Supplier Statement now includes the Receipt Number and the Supplier Reference number next to details of payments made.

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Default Product/Service for a Customer

On the Customer page you can now select a default product/service for that customer. The list from which to select the product/service is in the "Invoices, Quotes and Statistics" section of the Customer page.   When you add an item to an invoice for that customer it will default to…

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Automatically Display Line Total and VAT Amount

When you are adding an item to an invoice, the total value of the line is calculated for you and shown on the page before you add the line to the invoice.   If you are VAT registered then the VAT amount is also shown in a text box. This…

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Default VAT rate for products/services

A number of our VAT registered customers sell products at various VAT rates. It was a nuisance to have to keep manually changing the VAT amount from 17.5% (the default) to the appropriate rate.   To solve this problem we have introduced a new feature. On the page where you edit product/service…

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