KashFlow's Change Log

Display VAT on a per-line basis

You can now select to have the VAT amount for each line displayed on the invoice (as opposed to just the total). This will be the default option for new users. The option is set in Settings -> Invoice Options -> Tax Options

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Copying Quotes, Invoices and Repeat Invoices

There is now a copy button at the bottom of each invoice, quote and repeating invoice. This allows you to make an exact copy of the invoice (or quote) which you can then edit. This comes in useful if you need to quote multiple customers for the same thing. It…

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Partner Programme Client Page Updated

The ‘Client’ page on the Partner Programme has been updated to give Partners quick access to the newly added Nominal Ledger and Balance Sheet as well as the Aged Debtors and Creditors.

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Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet has now been added. Again, this is mainly of interest to the accountant-types. The addition of this report should now mean we have all the reports commonly requested by accountants.

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Nominal Ledger

A Nominal Ledger Report has now been added. We don’t expect it to be of much interest to many users, but it’s been requested by a lot of the accountant-types.

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Creating a Customer directly from the “Create Invoice” page

You can now create a new customer directly from the Create Invoice page. This saves you having to visit the Customers section.A link now appears below the drop-down list of customers. Clicking this will pop open a window for you to create a customer. Once the customer is created it…

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