KashFlow's Change Log

VAT Report Calculations as CSV

You can now download all of the calculations involved in your VAT report to one single CSV file. The link for this is at the bottom of the VAT Report page.

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PayPal “Pay Now” buttons on invoices

You can now include a “Pay Now” button on your invoices that link through to a Paypal payment page. You can also include the link in the email message that’s sent with invoices.  For more information click Settings -> Invoice Options -> Payments & Discounts.  

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Showing Purchase Order on ‘Invoices’ Page

You can now select to include the Purchase Order field in the list of invoices under the ‘Invoices’ tab. This feature is enabled or disabled from Settings -> Invoice Options -> Display options.

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Report for Units sold per month

A user requested a report to show the number of units of a particular product sold per month. We already had a report for the amount of income generated by specific products on a month-by-month bases so we just updated this report. In the “Income Related Reports” section of the Reports…

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Default VAT Rate for Outgoing Types

You can now set a default VAT rate for outgoing types. Just click Purchases -> Outgoing Types and select one to edit. The VAT level selection only appears if you are VAT registered.   For instance you can set Electricity to 5%. Then whenever you select "Electricity" as the outgoing…

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Excluding Paid items from Statements

Some users have commented that the customer and supplier statements are a little confusing and crowded when there are a large number of paid items listed. We have now added a checkbox to the customer and supplier statement pages to allow you to exclude paid invoices/receipts from the statement.

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