Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

We’re happy to announce that KashFlow will be proceeding with deployment of VAT MOSS functionality tomorrow 30th December 2014. This deployment will happen in the very early morning, and therefore KashFlow and the API will be unavailable between the hours of 3am – 7.30am. This deployment will also include a high number of further fixes and smaller enhancements.

What is VAT MOSS?

VAT MOSS is a a legislative change that relates to the VAT payable on the provision of digital services; examples include e-books, telecoms, internet services and so on. Further details are available on the HMRC website at – we also have our own guide to the changes at Should you have any questions on if your business is impacted by this legislative change then it;s best to contact HMRC (contact details available at or your accountant. KashFlow Support is unable to advise you if you should include an item or service as eligible for VAT MOSS.

VAT MOSS in KashFlow

Full guidance including screenshots and step-by-step instructions on using VAT MOSS functionality within KashFlow is available at – similarly support is available at [email protected]

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