Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

We’re introducing changes to the SOAP API that will be getting deployed early tomorrow, 30th December 2014. This will result in the application and API being unavailable between the hours of 3am – 7.30-am. These changes introduce optional fields to support new VAT MOSS functionality within KashFlow and should not require any changes to your existing code nor integration to maintain any existing add-on or service you have. Any existing integration or service will continue to work as it always has previously.

The following methods and services have been changed and new fields have been introduced;

  • ConvertQuoteToInvoice
  • GetInvoice
  • GetInvoiceByID
  • GetInvoicesByDateRange
  • GetInvoicesForCustomer
  • GetInvoices_Overdue
  • GetInvoices_Recent
  • GetInvoices_Unpaid
  • InsertInvoice
  • UpdateInvoice
  • UpdateInvoiceHeader
  • GetCustomer
  • GetCustomerByEmail
  • GetCustomerByID
  • GetCustomers
  • GetCustomersByPostcode
  • GetCustomersModifiedSince
  • InsertCustomer
  • SearchCustomerByCustText
  • UpdateCustomer

Updated versions of the methods and services will be visible at https://securedwebapp.com/api/service.asmx post-deployment.

Should you have any issues, and particularly if you are a PHP user of our API, you may be required to clear your cache post-deployment.

Further details on VAT MOSS within the KashFlow application are available at https://www.kashflow.com/support/kb/vat-moss/ and https://www.kashflow.com/support/kb/vat-moss-in-kashflow/

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