Product Code Changes

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

As part of continued improvements to KashFlow we’re making some changes to the product code field, for both products and sub-outgoing types.

What is changing?

Previously, the product code field was not required and you were free to leave this blank or enter in any code including duplicates. As of later today, we’ll be rolling out some changes to this;

  • The product code will now be a required field for all products and sub-outgoing types.
  • The product code must be unique in your account (i.e. no products with the same code). If you enter a duplicate you will be prompted to change it.
  • If you leave the product code field blank when creating a new product, one will be automatically generated for you based on the product name.

For existing product codes that are blank, we will give these an automatically generated product codes based on the product name. Similarly, for users with products and sub-outgoing types that currently have duplicate product codes – you will receive an alert on your overview page prompting you to click a link to change these, this will take you to a page listing your current duplicates giving you an opportunity to manually change or automatically rename.

Why is this changing?

We’re doing a significant amount of work behind the scenes to KashFlow that will allow for much greater functionality and a new user interface. A key reason for this change is that the product codes not being unique is a shortcoming with the existing system. A product/Sub-outgoing  code now has to be unique against Sales Type/Outgoing Type since we are building a new API interface and the product codes are referenced in the API with the code rather than the database ID, if we didn’t enforce this uniqueness then the API will not work.

When will these changes happen?

We will progressively be rolling out these changes later today. All products must have a unique product code by 10/06/2013. Any product without a unique product code on this date will have a unique automatic code generated for it.

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