A New Form For Sending Emails

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

As we’ve continued to add more and more features to the software, some inconsistencies inevitably get introduced.

A perfect example of this were the pages where you send emails (invoices, remittance advice, reminder letters, etc). They all varied a little. Some used the Email Template system, some didn’t. Some allowed HTML, some didn’t.

We’ve now introduced a single form from which documents are emailed so you have a consistent experience

Emailing of all documents now support HTML and email templates. So in Settings -> Email Templates you can now set the default template for a wide range of documents.

We’ve also added the option to CC and BCC recipients. If you’ve enabled the BCC feature in Settings -> Email Options then the BCC field will always be pre-filled with the address you’ve specified.

We’ve removed the ability to create new templates from this page though. This is to reduce the amount of clutter on the page.

This change also lays the foundation for future enhancements we’ll be making to the emailing functionality within the software.

A big “thank you” to those of you in our Beta Testers group that provided a lot of input to help shape this feature

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