Minor Changes

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

As part of ongoing development and as a result of great feedback and ideas that have been posted on the KashFlow Suggestion Centre we’ve introduced some changes to KashFlow;

  • Opening Balance on Statements – One of our most popular requests, customer and supplier statements now include an opening balance and will give a consistent figures regardless of date range.
  • Download Chart of Accounts – You can now download your chart of accounts to a CSV file from the Chart of Accounts page accessible by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts > Download CSV button in the top right.
  • Debtors & Creditors Report Default Date – When you access these reports, we’ve set the system to default to today’s date.
  • Customer & Supplier Details – When clicking Update when inside a customer or supplier profile, you now remain on the same page rather than getting returned to the customer or supplier list page.
  • Many other smaller enhancements

We’ve also continued to expand the KashFlow Knowledge Base and are regularly adding significant numbers of new and screenshotted articles

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