Managing Your Chart of Accounts

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

We’ve added some extra options to the page from which you manage your Chart of Accounts.

Go to Settings -> Chart of Accounts.
Below the list of codes you see a link that says “Show advanced configuration options…”.
Clicking this will show you the following four options:

Access to Nominal Codes

By default we only list Sales codes in the sales area, and so on.
Enable this option to be able to access all of your codes in all areas of the application.
This will mean that you can enter bank transactions against the same codes as you enter purchases and sales and so on

Configure Nominal Codes

Enabling this option will allow you to set Fixed Assets, Cost of Sale (etc) options directly on the page where you edit nominal codes insead of just from the central Chart of Accounts page.

Enable Journal

Enabling this option will give you an additional tab on the menu to access a Journal.

Codes in Lists

If you enable this option then we’ll show the numeric code for the nominals in lists as well as the names.
So you’d see “4001 – Sale of Goods” instead of just “Sale of Goods”

The options themselves aren’t new, but they were previously hidden away in dark corners. So we’ve just put them in a place where you’re more likely to expect to see them.

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