Coming Soon – Dashboard

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

As part of continued re-engineering work, we will shortly be deploying a new version of the overview page as pictured below. The new overview page has now become Dashboard and contains all the elements of our current overview page but now with a cleaner, modern and more functional design.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 13.37.12 (2)

This new Dashboard contains some important changes you should be aware about;

  • Modules – We’ve engineered the dashboard so that every element is now it’s own distinct module.
  • Two Column Layout – The layout of the dashboard is split over two columns evenly, meaning less scrolling and more information you want at a glance.
  • Simple & Minimal Text Throughout – We’ve stripped away a the majority of the text that was previously contained on the overview page in order to present you with the critical information about your business straight-up without clutter.
  • Quick Action Button – We’ve created a quick action button at the top of the dashboard that allows you to perform your most common tasks in KashFlow with a maximum of two clicks direct from the dashboard.
  • Drag & Drop Modules – You can drag and drop modules around the dashboard in any order you prefer. Alerts (i.e. maintenance notifications from KashFlow) will always be presented at the top of the screen but can however be dismissed.
  • Responsive – The dashboard now adapts to your screensize and will stack modules and resize depending on your screen size.

The new dashboard will not be visible to any additional users, only admin users will be able to access this page. Similarly, the dashboard is only present on the new version of KashFlow, the classic version is not affected and the old overview page will be retained.

The modules to be displayed will still be managed from Settings > Display Settings and anything you’ve decided to show or hide from this page will still be preserved, you will not have to modify any settings once the page launches.

We’re really excited about this dashboard and have some big plans for the future. By re-engineering this way, we’ve laid the foundations for a lot of new functionality and customisation options.

We’ll be doing a further annoucement on our change log (subscribe at once the dashboard has gone live.


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