Why is it worth using a cash flow template?

When examining your cash flow, you may find it useful to use a cash flow template as a starting point. Of course, a template will never be 100% applicable to your business – there will no doubt be some things that don’t apply to your business, but it’s certainly a good starting point!

Amongst the advice they offer about starting and running a business, GOV.UK offer a cash flow template that provides a useful place to start. Data is generally templated in a spreadsheet format that will do most of the necessary calculations for you so you don’t have to do them all manually.

Why do I need to keep track of my cash flow?

We’ve already mentioned this elsewhere in this section of our site, but it’s worth repeating  here – keeping track of your cash flow is really important, not just because people like investors and bank managers will always want to see it when they’re analysing your business but also for your own benefit; unless you understand how cash flows in and out of your business, you’ll find it very difficult to make informed decisions in the future. Making decisions based on facts and numbers is a much better way of doing things than guesswork…something that holds doubly true in the current economic climate!

Can I monitor cash flow within KashFlow?

At present, KashFlow doesn’t have an built-in cash flow template or anything enables you to enter these figures historically or project them forward. However, we’re aware that templating is very much in demand from our users, and we’re currently looking at the most effective way of implementing it in the future.

If the ability to monitor cash flow from within your accounting package is important to you, you may like to keep an eye on this page to find out more about its implementation. In the mean time, it may be worth seeking the help of an accounting professional to help sort out your cash flow – you’ll be glad you did!

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