Support Philosophy

Free Support Means Better Software

Imagine that you run a software company. Now imagine that you charge customers to deal with their queries and problems. That doesn’t give you much of an incentive to make your software as easy to use and intuitive as possible. In fact, you’re better off doing the complete opposite – make the software hard to use, and you make more money from support charges!

We don’t charge for support. It’s completely free, no matter how much you need to use it. If you have a question on how to use the software then we think that’s our fault for not making it easier or more obvious in the first place.

Bad Support is Expensive

Statistically, we know you probably found us because one of our existing customers told you how great the software is – a lot of new customers come through referrals from existing users. However, it’s also possible that you’re here as a result of a marketing campaign that cost us some of our hard-earned cash.

Assuming you now take up our offer of a free trial then you’re likely to have a few questions. If you get in touch with us and have a bad experience, then there’s a chance you’re going to go away and never come back. That’s a serious waste of marketing budget.

Maybe you’re already paying and have been with us a while – one bad support experience is all it takes to lose you as a customer. You can cancel your account with us at any time so we have to continue to earn your custom each and every month.

Nine ’til Five Isn’t Good Enough

At KashFlow we understand that our customers do not work the standard 9-5 weekday hours. This is why we offer to support our customers in the evenings and on weekends.

I hope that gives you an insight in to our support philosophy. You can always email us using

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