KashFlow Events


(Advanced) Webinar OA-KFB-01 Journals

£120 + VAT
Online Webinar 2hrs

This course goes through in depth the journal feature within KashFlow. With a particular focus on non-Accountants (Business users) of the KashFlow system.

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(Intermediate) Webinar OI-KFB-08 Projects

£70 + VAT
Online Webinar 1hr

This course gives you the tools to use the Projects feature within KashFlow Accounting. Projects can be used for Cost Centres, Jobs, Projects, Departments and much more.
Segment your income and expenditure to get real in depth information out of KashFlow.

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(Basic) Webinar OB-KFB-01 Basics of KashFlow Accounting

£150 + VAT
Online Webinar 3hrs

This course enables participants to effectively use KashFlow for their day to day business bookkeeping needs.

You will learn how to setting up and carrying out day-to-day business activities, such as: Involving and receiving payments, purchases, reporting and how to handle standard VAT.

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