More and more small businesses opt for secure payment processing

Secure payment processing is fast becoming the favoured option for moving money in the SME sector, according to accounting software developers, KashFlow whose users have just notched up their millionth integrated transaction with leading global payment processor, PayPal.

No longer associated solely with eBay, PayPal allows even the smallest of businesses to exchange money quickly and efficiently and it provides the added security that any transaction with a mismatch of credit card or debit card details will be declined automatically.

KashFlow was the first accounting software system to integrate with PayPal in a move that effectively provides small businesses with a complete and affordable automated service for processing payments and managing the accounts. 

Small businesses using KashFlow’s PayPal Importer service can retrieve details of sales, customers, purchases and suppliers automatically from their PayPal accounts saving them from the time consuming and laborious task of manual data entry.

 In addition, the system allows users to create invoices that include a PayPal payment option so customers can simply press the button and they are automatically taken to a page that shows details of the outstanding amount, making payment easier.

WildAx Motorhomes uses KashFlow online accounting software and the PayPal data import service extensively. The company sells from its own website and through eBay and finds that the automatic transfer of customers’ details ‘makes things much quicker.’

Duncan Wildman, Managing Director said:  “Because we are able to automatically import transactions from PayPal into KashFlow, we are able to capture all of our customers’ information without the need for any manual data entry. This removes the risk of mistakes creeping in as there is no need to re-type any of the details.”

Duncan continued: “KashFlow is a very good product for us. It’s easy to use and you don’t need an accounts background to pick it up.”

Duane Jackson, CEO of KashFlow said: “More and more small businesses are relying on the integration between KashFlow and PayPal to increase productivity and create efficiencies.”

KashFlow now integrates with 22 separate applications making it the most ‘connected’ accounting software for micro and small enterprises, on the market.

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