Iridium Software Partnership Heralds New KashFlow Accounting Hub Project

KashFlow has become the worlds first online accounting software provider to offer integrated transaction processing with payment provider Iridium Corp.

This latest KashFlow partnership heralds the start of the award-winning software company’s four-year project to become the world’s first accounting software provider to offer a complete one-stop ‘accounting hub’ – saving users users time and clicking between computer applications.


Iridium joins ProTX, SecureHosting and – most recently – PayPal in adding functionality to the KashFlow portfolio of payment options.


For KashFlow, managing director Duane Jackson said,


“The Iridium partnership is wonderful news for KashFlow customers.  It is part of our ongoing commitment to minimise small business’ costs; reduce the needless time spent on accounting administration using multiple applications; and, keep accounting as simple as possible. 


“Iridium is the best value payment processor we have encountered. In fact, so good we’ve just employed them to handle all our payment processing too! And as part of our partnership we have negotiated an agreement for KashFlow customers to receive merchant accounts via Iridium at exclusive discounted rates.”


The agreement means that KashFlow users choosing Iridium payment processing can access a virtual terminal containing all the functionality needed for Merchants to manage electronic transactions; process payments from their online shops direct; generate custom reports and manage custom anti-fraud settings.


Iridium business development director Sean Brietsche said,

"The KashFlow ‘software as a service’ model for accounting is nothing short of brilliant, both in concept and implementation. And for Iridium, the chance to bring together two dynamic and innovative businesses was too good to miss.

“But we see this announcement as just the beginning. We are already working on a series of exciting additional functions designed to further transform the way businesses do their books, effectively releasing them to do what they do best: looking after customers and building sales.”

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