Entrepreneurs, Trumpet Blowers and Charlatans

One Man Navigates New Businesses Through the Shark Infested Sea of Start-ups

With the launch of Start-Up Britain by David Cameron earlier this year and the demise of Business Link,  a whole new lucrative business advice industry has been spawned which is becoming a dog-eat-dog world according to Duane Jackson, the software pioneer who was mentored to success, and in turn is mentoring others.

“The start-up scene is brimming with must-have, guaranteed-success, get-rich-quick business advice, manuals, books, CDs, DVDs and applications,” he says. 

This is why Duane has been delighted to find “serial entrepreneur, start-up guru and international thought leader”, Phillip ‘Tugg’ Gently to guide entrepreneurs through the process of establishing and growing a business. 

“So many are jumping on the bandwagon with business advice.  People need a true compass to steer them through and Tugg is inept adept at the job,” he explained.  

Duane, who developed the top online accounting software package, KashFlow, is so impressed with Tugg’s particular prowess as a business mentor, that he is posting a series of six inspiring videos on his company website. These can be viewed via the KashFlow blog at KashFlow.staging.wpengine.com/blog.  


The second in the series has just been released containing some fail-safe tips on succeeding by utilising social media. 


There was an introductory video, All Aboard to Profit Island, posted last Friday.  It is recommended viewing for the disheartened. Tugg tells his own fascinating story through his own website at www.tugggently.com and pokes regulalry on Twitter at twitter.com/tugggently.  


“We are delighted to be associated with Tugg,” confirmed Mr Jackson.  “He has a growing fan base amongst entrepreneurs and established business leaders.  Enquiries for speaking engagements are flooding into his website and his enthusiastic outlook is being actively discussed on many business forums, including 4Networking and UK Business Forums, Ecademy and of course Twitter.


“Some  50% of British people dream of starting a business, but only five percent of us do something about it. Our gift to the start-up marketplace is to host Tugg’s inspirational videos,” he concluded. 

Duane, who himself was taken under the wing of Lord Young (David Cameron’s former enterprise tzar) when he started his own pioneering Software-as-a-Service business several years ago, is now founder and CEO of KashFlow. 

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