Choppy Waters For Top Business Coach Following Latest Video Release

Fans of Tugg Gently, top business author and speaker, have been turning against him in droves since his latest video, Social Media Success, was posted last week.

New entrepreneurs and established business folk alike, who previously flocked around Tugg like spiritual seekers, seem to be losing faith.  

Tugg is known for his range of inspirational Start-Up books, educative workshops and uplifting talks.  

So why should critical comments include:

– He’s all style and no substance.

– There’s nothing tangible or actionable in the advice he gives.  

– His column in the FT is poorly written and self-serving.

– He’s  an egotistical, ignorant narcissist.


“They’re all points that are difficult to argue with,” responds Duane Jackson, Founder and CEO of KashFlow Accounting Software and the man responsible for Tugg’s new burst of fame. 


“But then, the same could be said of many of the so-called business gurus doing the rounds,” he points out.
 “Some people are even suggesting that I should distance myself from Tugg,” he confided today. “ Yet he has so much to say to this marketplace.”


 “Fuelled by David Camerons Start-Up Britain initiative, so many are hoping  to go into business. 

“Our gift to the start-up marketplace is to host Tugg’s inspirational videos.  I encourage those interested to look deeper.”

Tugg took aversion to the way in which his latest video was introduced on the KashFlow blog. A threatening private message to Duane was accidentally sent publicly for all to see and Tugg – the Social Media Guru – has struggled to work out how to delete it.

He then threatened to sue anybody who rewteeted his message, leading other Twitter users to call it his "Bannatyne Moment". Dragon Bannatyne previously threatened to sue a Twitter user over an insensitive joke.

Duane, who himself was taken under the wing of Lord Young (David Cameron’s erstwhile ‘enterprise tzar) when he started his own pioneering Software-as-a-Service business several years ago, is now founder and CEO of KashFlow, the leading online accounting package for UK small businesses.

He mentors would-be entrepreneurs through his affiliation with Start-Up Britain.

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