What is the purpose of KashFlow?

The primary purpose of KashFlow is to help you manage your day to day accounts.

At the most basic level you can use it just to create an invoice for each sale you make and use the built in facilities to track when invoice have been paid.

You can also record all of your purchases, produce VAT returns, view insightful reports, etc.

KashFlow is not intended to replace your accountant. Instead it gives you the power and knowledge to make decisions based on your current financial situation and helps you keep track of the day to day financial in’s and out’s of your business.

At the end of the month you will then be able to provide your accountant with an ordered list of what you have bought and sold and how items were paid for.

KashFlow also provides a whole load of other functionality to help you automate processes within your business.

General Information FAQs:

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