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IRIS KashFlow Connect – Client Manager

Formerly known as Orbit, we're doing even more to connect you with your clients

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Manage all of your client's KashFlow accounts from a single dashboard.

With IRIS KashFlow Connect, the sky's the limit.

IRIS KashFlow Connect Overview

IRIS KashFlow Connect is web-based software that you can access on any web-browser, on any computer. There's nothing to download or install, there are no upgrades, version numbers or backups to worry about – that’s all taken care of for you automatically.

From within IRIS KashFlow Connect, you can customise the software and use tools to help promote your business. You can also create KashFlow accounts for your clients, see when they last used the software, run reports on the data they've entered and see the same data that they're seeing.



You can lock your clients’ data if you need to, stopping them changing any data before a certain date (after closing a financial year, for example) or locking certain bank accounts (after a reconciliation).

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IRIS KashFlow Connect allows you to keep track of the data your clients are entering in KashFlow. You can run all the reports you’d expect – Aged Debtors, Trial Balances, Sales Reports and many more.

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Because you can view your clients’ data in real-time you can be much more pro-active in helping them, rather than having to wait for shoeboxes of receipts or receipts written on cocktail napkins. This saves you a huge amount of hassle, giving you the time to work with more clients.

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When you start using IRIS KashFlow Connect, you can create a specially branded version of KashFlow Accounting Software that can be customised to your specifications before you give it to your clients. You don’t even need to be an elite programmer to do it.

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From revenue sharing options to assistance generating leads, working with KashFlow offers a range of benefits that can help you grow your practice!

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IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free. And your clients will love you.