Introducing The K-Team...

In 2005, a crack commando unit were imprisoned by inflexible accounting software filled with complicated jargon. These men promptly escaped from accounting hell to the London underground. If you hate doing your accounts, and want to get your books done in record time, maybe you should get in touch with...The K-Team.

Now, the K-Team are taking on their biggest mission yet. A recent survey revealed that doing their accounts is the least favourite job of over two thirds of small business owners. Introducing Akademy

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Hannibal is the leader of the K-Team. He’s a master of disguise, and rumour has it that he’s the real brains behind KashFlow and Duane Jackson is actually just one of his many alter egos.


Face, short for Facebook, handles all of KashFlow’s social media. He can usually be found on Twitter charming the ladies (and sometimes the men…) into promoting their KashFlow referral codes.

B.A. Baracus

B.A. heads up our support team* and has a heart of gold…except for when the communal milk runs out. To this day, no-one knows what B.A. stands for, though after solving particularly tricky problems he insists it’s short for ‘Best Accounting’.

*Except he looks like this during the week


Murdock is…well, he’s Murdock. He’s mentally unstable, hallucinates and often talks to his invisible dog, Billy. Sounds like a Head Developer to me.

Akademy - Your K-Team

The culmination of thinking about how best to help small business owners get a handle on doing the books is the creation of Akademy. Consisting of a new and improved Knowledge base, live webinars, and in-person training, Akademy is designed to help you get the best out of KashFlow. Whether you need help getting to grips with the basics, or want to find out more about automating your accounts, Akademy has got you covered. Just think of it as your own personal K-Team.

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