Meet the Team

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” – Oscar Wilde

As well as being extremely proud of KashFlow, we’re also extremely proud of the team we’ve assembled. We set extremely high standards, both for the development of our software and the support that we offer.

You can rest assured that none of our team ever treats customers like they’re ordinary.

Head Honcho

  • John Coldicutt

    Head of Cloud Division

The Support Team

  • Winifred Karanja

    Support Consultant
  • George Gillespie

    Support Consultant
  • Colin Want

    Support Consultant


  • Shveta Singh

    Team Lead Onboarding
  • Chris Brown

    Onboarding Consultant
  • Paul McDonald

    Onboarding Consultant


  • Monica Jequier

    Finance Manager
  • Marina Folarin

    Accounts Assistant
  • Charlotte Fox


Partner Success Team

  • Alex Jennings-Temple

    Business Development Manager
  • Ketan Mistry

    Partner Success Consultant
  • Alex Houlbrook

    Partner Success Consultant
  • James Taylor

    Partner Success Consultant
  • Stuart Wilson

    Partner Success Consultant
  • Joshua Revan

    Partner Success Consultant


  • Rob Holmes

    Head of Digital
  • Russell Gillard

    Marketing Executive
  • Luis Revuelto

    Lead Graphic Designer
  • Alex Bell


The Techies

  • Jayaprakash Reddy

    Team Lead Software Development
  • Ismail Sidhpuri

    Senior Software Developer
  • Sandile Dlamini

    Lead Developer
  • Swati Garg

    Senior Software Tester
  • Prashant Alhat

    Software Developer
  • Ashwini Mohan

    Software Developer
  • Vijayendra Pawar

    Software Tester
  • Sham Ganikapudi

    Software Developer
  • Aatish Landge

    Software Developer
  • Sudipta Modak

    Software Developer
  • Steven Hammond

    Product Development Manager
  • Chaitanya Deshpande

    Technical Architect

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