Got a supplier who keeps listing their products without VAT? Or do you need to work out how much VAT to reclaim? Not a problem – our VAT calculator can tell you how much VAT to add to or remove from a given price and calculates the VAT inclusive/exclusive price for you.

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Want to know how to work out Vat, just input the VAT exclusive price and the VAT rate into the correct boxes. Then click the Add VAT button to calculate the VAT inclusive price and the amount of VAT that has been added, saving you knowing how to calculate Vat yourself. To work out how much VAT there is on a VAT inclusive price, just enter the VAT inclusive price into the correct box and ensure that the VAT rate is entered correctly. Once you’ve done that, just click the Remove VAT button to find out both the item’s price without VAT and the amount of VAT that has been applied to it.

In the UK, the VAT rate currently stands at 20%, but has also been 15% and 17.5% in the past. Because of these variations (i.e. should you need to calculate VAT figures relating to a time when VAT stood at one of these figures), and so you can use the VAT calculator to calculate tax inclusive figures that may have other taxes applied to them, the tool allows the user to set their own VAT rate for the calculation. For example, if you needed to calculate sales tax for a particular state in the USA, you could alter the rate in the VAT calculator to use it to find out an item’s tax inclusive price using the same method as the one shown above.

There’s more about VAT on HMRC’s website and you can also find an article we wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of registering for VAT here.

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