Sledgehammer CIS

With the KashFlow and Sledgehammer CIS integration, you can deduct and account for Sub Contractor CIS, verify Sub Contractors with HMRC and transmit your monthly CIS return electronically – all from within KashFlow.

Sledgehammer CIS is desktop software that allows you to:

  • capture Sub Contractor information
  • hold all required data regarding a single Sub Contractor including unique tax reference, verification number and tax status
  • Verify Sub Contractors (individually or by batch) electronically
  • Enter Payment information including CIS deduction
  • Print monthly Sub Contractor Payments
  • Send monthly return to HMRC electronically

It extracts data from KashFlow and imports it into Sledgehammer for many companies with the click of a button, holds a Sub Contractor database (including current and historical transactions) and also produces monthly statements of CIS deductions to send to your Sub Contractors.

Sledgehammer CIS will work for a single company or can be used by up to 30 companies.

If this is of interest please do not hesitate to contact www.fcsluk.net.

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