RapidFire Getting Started

Getting Started

Before you can login and use KashFlow RapidFire you need to set up the bookkeepers who will be using the application and also confirm which of your clients they will be able to process using KashFlow RapidFire.

Setting Up Bookkeepers

Login to your Orbit Account via www.orbitaccounts.com Go to the ‘Your Account’ section, click on the ‘RapidFire Bookkeepers’ icon and click ‘Add New’

Enter the required Username and Password for the bookkeeper.

Client Access

Use the ‘Add’ or ‘Add All’ button to confirm which of your clients this bookkeeper will have access to via the RapidFire application.

If you make a mistake in assigning the correct clients the ‘Remove’ or ‘Remove All’ buttons can be used to un-assign the client(s). You can come back and change this selection at any time.

Click ‘Create Bookkeeper Account’ to confirm the settings for the new bookkeeper.

Repeat the above process for any other bookkeepers in your practice who will be using KashFlow RapidFire.

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