Tax Assist Accountants (Northwich)

Phil Royles

TaxAssist Accountants are the largest network of accountants in the UK who focus specifically on small businesses. As an accountancy network they look after 20,000 customers including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

“My clients range from sole traders operations to Ltd companies with turnovers exceeding £250K per year some with a large number of transactions. All need quality financial management information available on demand ideally online. I have also a rural territory with clients spread over a wide geographical area so this presents a new challenge in commuting to them.”

“I was looking for a provider who could provide a solution that offered the functionality in a jargon free language with a price that was affordable for small businesses and gave me the opportunity to generate additional revenue from partnering programmes and hopefully reduce my practice software costs.”

“I researched the market and trialled a number of online providers, KashFlow was the product that met all my criteria. It was important for us to understand the clients feedback, so I demonstrated the product to 5 clients. Having demonstrated this product the clients were so impressed, all 5 chose to move their accounting software to KashFlow. So encouraging was the feedback, we have now launched the product within our practice and are now actively marketing this product to the remaining clients and to all new prospective clients, we are seeing an impressive sign up rate and a new edge to our sales process.”

“At TaxAssist, we believe in communicating with jargon free language and KashFlow is built along the same theme with no terminology to confuse or alienate them, the user interfaces are very easy to navigate with lots of drilldowns to subsidiary data. The providers are proactively listening to us to constantly develop the product based on the client’s feedback so the product is evolving to meet clients expectations in their changing marketplaces rather than a Accountants view.”

“As an Accountancy practice we are able to view the accounts on-line and provide instant advice on issues such as operating performance or balances on accounts requiring review e.g. Director Loan accounts. Clients naturally have queries with initial installations and navigation so we are able to support them through remote access tools that are widely available over the internet.”

“I’ve also built interfaces with my existing Accounts Production & Tax software so there is a single point of entry into the KashFlow system and the data is automatically loaded into the accounts and tax computations at the stroke of a button saving vital overhead within the practice and this frees time to add value for the client.”

“Our Practice’s experience demonstrates KashFlow accounting delivers speed, transparency, flexibility and increased communication, resulting in new ways of growing our practice and developing more profitable income streams that inevitably gives us an advantage over our competitors.”

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.