Tax Assist Accountants (London)

Debbie Corbett

TaxAssist Accountants are the largest network of accountants in the UK who focus specifically on small businesses. As an accountancy network they look after 40,000 customers including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. Based in London, Deborah Corbett operates one of the 170 individual TaxAssist Accountants offices across the UK. Deborah’s branch has over 400 clients, mainly small businesses and one-man band operations.

The moment I saw KashFlow I liked it and decided to investigate further. I was looking for a method that could improve the communication and service levels between us and our clients. We needed to find a way that clients knew what we were doing for them. We also wanted a method where we could understand what they were doing in a timely manner which would allow us to advise accordingly.

The Solution

I took up the offer of a free trial of KashFlow and I was very impressed. The software seemed ideal for our clients, especially the smaller businesses where they had no accounting knowledge or any systems or processes in place.

Our clients range from one man band operations to larger companies turning over ‘1M per year with huge volumes of transactions. KashFlow works well for all of them. As an Accountancy practice we are able to view their accounts on-line and provide instant advice on issues such as Director Loan accounts. We can also check where items have been entered and keep their accounts live and up-to-date at all times.

Clients really love KashFlow – they have all found it so easy to use. This seems to be because there is no accountancy jargon or terminology to confuse and alienate them. The system handles the double entry system in a clever way, which provides us professionals with the information we need, but keeps it in a straightforward manner for the non-Accountant.

I have looked at other systems in the past, but they have never provided the right level of support or seemed robust enough for me to recommend.

Another thing which has impressed me with KashFlow, is their support. They have been very good at listening to our suggestions to enhance the system, fixing issues and making upgrades without any problems at all.

Every new client we take on gets 2 hours of book-keeping training with options as to how they should manage their paperwork. One of the options we introduce is the KashFlow system. Most of our clients like this and are adopting the on-line approach easily as they all have computers and understand the process.

Clients have appreciated the system because they feel in control. The reports are very popular especially those that provide the information in a graphical format. From my point of view KashFlow is great because I don’t have to chase my clients anymore or wait for details. We both share the same facts on-line whenever we need them.

KashFlow has enabled us to offer a more efficient service to our clients and brings in a revenue stream to our business.

I am fully confident selling the KashFlow software to our clients, especially now with its added features – it’s even better than it was before.

I prefer this package to anything else that is on the market at a similar level – it really is a nice programme. I believe the number of clients we have using KashFlow will double next year.

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.