Positive Practice Accountants

Stewart Newberry

When I was first introduced to KashFlow, I was instantly struck by its ease of use and I could immediately see the benefits of the software being online. The fact that it’s all online means the risk of clients losing data if their computer is lost or stolen is eliminated, which I found very appealing…

The system gives us almost everything we need for our clients and our own internal use when it comes to accounts preparation. Because it is so easy to use, we have radically reduced the number of ‘how do I do this?’ calls we receive. This frees us up to do more valuable and profitable work for the clients, while they have a tool that helps them manage their finances without the complexity that usually accompanies accounting software packages.

If you are looking to ease your clients bookkeeping pains then KashFlow is definitely a more than capable solution for you. I’ve found the KashFlow staff to be very helpful and I would certainly recommend the software to other accountants.

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.