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Louise Gow

Before I used KashFlow, I was using Access accounting and Sage. As KashFlow is online, it gave many benefits to me and my clients because it is not a complicated system to use. I initially found KashFlow via a Google search for an easy accounts programme. What first drew me towards using KashFlow as opposed to other accounting software, was that I tested a demo – and liked it enough to invest in it. Compared to other accounting software that I’ve used, KashFlow has Ease of use, free and fast support, drilling down to underlying transactions, etc, and is all online.

“With KashFlow being completely web based, it means I can work on it from any computer, so whether I am at in the office, or even at a clients premises, I can continue to provide a service to my clients.”

“The effects that KashFlow had on both me and my clients is that I tend to keep more up to date as the information that I get on a daily basis makes more sense, enabling me to keep on top of things.”

“As an accountant, there are many features that have had a direct impact on the way I manage my client accounts, with one of the many being that they can customise their own invoices.”

“KashFlow has had a big impact on the number of clients I can provide services for, as I can take on clients that I have had to turn down in the past.”

“When I have had to deal with a member of the KashFlow team directly, whether by phone, e-mail or face to face, they were all very helpful.”

“I am not keen on recommending KashFlow to other accountants. Why? I Think I may like to keep the secret to myself!! I love this programme.”

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.