Joy & Co Accountants

Joy Eziefula

Joy & Co are a small firm of Chartered Certified Accountants providing accounts and taxation services to individuals, owner managed businesses and start-ups in the south-east. They offer a wide range of services starting from bookkeeping and self-assessment right through to the production of year end accounts and filing of company tax returns

Owner Joy explains:

My initial reaction to the product was ‘Yeah yeah, I’ll get round to looking at it eventually’. Virtually all of the forum members who used it had spoken about it in glowing terms so I decided it must be worth a look. Once I’d logged in it was immediately apparent how easy the software is to use. All the screens are very intuitive and you can get stuck in straight away.

KashFlow compares very favourably against other accounting software. In my opinion it’s definitely on par with Sage in terms of functionality and has the advantage of not having to put you through all of Sage’s ‘Accountant Link’ palaver whenever you want to access and/or amend your client’s records.

The best feature in KashFlow, from an accountant’s point of view, is probably the fact that it’s web-based. You can see your clients’ records in real time. If they’re making a mess of things you can catch it early and set them right straight away. You can see if your clients have not logged in for a while and jolly them along if necessary. In fact, a couple of my clients have been glad of the fact that I’ve got on the phone to them and hassled them about their bookkeeping.

I have found the main benefits of KashFlow to both me and my clients are the ease of use and the accessibility of the data. The system has definitely made bookkeeping less of a chore for those of my clients that use it. For me it’s made it much easier and quicker to pull down reports as and when I need to. Having the ability to download the reports as CSV files which can then be pulled straight into Excel has certainly had a positive impact on my routine tasks.

The feedback from my clients has been positive towards KashFlow. One comment in particular springs to mind. ‘KashFlow is very good. In the past I have done training in TAS books and Sage and KashFlow is a lot more intuitive. Please sign us up’.

It’s not just the software that makes KashFlow such a good product. The staff are always friendly and professional and generally very helpful.

I have recommended KashFlow to other accountants in the past and I would recommend it again.

It’s perfect for those clients for whom bookkeeping is a real problem.

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.