Dormer Finance Limited

Jason Dormer

Dormer Finance are a forward thinking practice based in Essex. As well as traditional, regulatory accountancy services, they also give business advice. The firm was established by Jason Dormer after he was running a separate business and not getting the service that he expected from the company’s chosen accountants.

We were originally using QuickBooks as our accounting software. However, I found that it was too technical for non-accountants.

A lot of clients did not like it and chose to do their bookkeeping on their own choice of software, or kept manual records, which created problems. We wasted too much time correcting errors. The system was also not satisfactory for Flat Rate VAT and only had basic invoice production.

The Solution
We were first drawn towards KashFlow because of the users’ reactions I had seen online. There were such rave reviews from a broad range of users it was obvious that this software was being well received by the market. The reviews were so positive that it made the software impossible for us to ignore. We had to see what all the fuss was about.

My initial reaction to KashFlow was one of excitement. I knew that this product would be of use to our clients whilst reducing our time spent on account preparation at year end. In comparison to other accounting software KashFlow is much less technical, jargon free and much easier to use for non accountants/bookkeepers.

KashFlow has had a positive impact on the way we manage our client accounts. The accounts are now easily reviewed on a monthly basis during the early months, to ensure that postings are correct, complete and reconciled. If there are any errors or exceptions, then further training is given. This is rare as clients do seem to understand the software and use it correctly with minimal training and supervision.

Now that we use KashFlow, we can check and verify clients’ VAT returns and management accounts without extra charge due to the ease of use. We can also quickly and easily advise on profit extraction. Time is a very limiting factor especially to an accountant. KashFlow has helped us save time through its efficient use of technology which in turn allows us to serve greater numbers of customers without increasing staff levels or compromising quality of client service.

KashFlow being web based really makes it easy to pass on to clients who are attracted to the idea of having access to their financial records wherever they are. They can even check their accounts whilst on holiday! I have found a further benefit is that a client is able to ring us for advice on bookkeeping matters or profit extractions and we can instantly call up their live accounts and advise them accordingly. The software helps us to achieve our objective of assisting our clients pro-actively throughout the year rather than reactively at the end of their financial year.

So far, without exception, our customers have given very positive feedback about KashFlow. The system has increased communication between us and our clients leading to decisions being made with greater clarity. Because the software is designed for business users and not accountants the ‘fear factor’ has been removed for the clients. This then leads to them keeping their accounts up to date instead of just putting the task off. This benefits us, the accountants, by having good records which reduces the time we spend at year end reconciling and adjusting figures.

Overall, we are very pleased with all aspects of the KashFlow service. From the prompt, helpful and friendly customer service received directly from the KashFlow team, to the easy to use client friendly software. It has saved time for both us and our clients; creating a win-win situation. Accountants can provide, without extra cost, additional value added services due to less time being taken up with compliance work. We would definitely recommend KashFlow to other accountants and small businesses.

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.