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Barrie Ingram

I first heard about KashFlow when I was through browsing the web. A test period helped me get started.

“KashFlow compared to other accounting software that I’ve used, is easy to get straight in and enter transactions with out set up at all. Any required set up can be administered with free help over the phone online as you look at the software. All my clients like the fact that I can see what they can see, so they know what to click. This software can be open with as many users at the same time with very secure password control.”

“The software doesn’t need downloading and works instantly. That’s what impresses people. Reports are quick and plenty. The opening summary provides instant review making it almost no need for any further day to day reporting. Things like VAT due, sales totals and bank account balances all help keep you focused. Ability to make a sales invoice from anywhere with internet access is just great news for businesses on the move.”

“My initial reaction when I was first introduced to KashFlow was on how easy to use it is.”

“As an accountant it is especially useful in order to look up transactions and review ledger balances to produce sets of accounts, with out the need to wait for answers on emails and faxes etc.”

“Training is easy, I supply all my client’s with free training over the phone in front of the screen or email, Some clients go for the one to one in my office and find it invaluable which I provide a one off half hour session inclusive of the free training. Clients always say they feel like they are in control at last with their accounts.”

“I am finding that fewer clients are late with accounts as all is at hand at a click. The bank reconciliations make the books believable as the balances agree with bank statements. This gives greater integrity for you and the client. This is most of the donkey work done which inevitably means a more efficient and accurate accounts process.”

“Clients find that they can keep track on debtors and account for their own expenses easier. Going online is fun for a lot of people as they can get entertainment with utilities such as face book and then a bit of KashFlow then an email or two then log off. It fits in with peoples life patterns.”

“Clients feel like they have got someone looking after them rather than just a big bill at the end of the year. I feel like I am helping my clients look after their business. KashFlow is a good tool.”

“All my clients that have KashFlow initially discuss items about KashFlow with me but some have emailed the help service. I have had good feed back on the responses given. I cannot remember a time where a satisfactory query has not been settled.”

“KashFlow’s re-branding options has consolidating effect on clients. They can see that you are well embedded with KashFlow and that you have involvement. They believe they are part of a well organised group with well equipped tools and a versed accountant that knows his software. It’s as if clients can’t wait to try something new online with KashFlow. We use the logging in via our website and this is a further step towards consolidating the software as part of our practise.”

“The software has the benefit of being able to offer something of value to clients. It can be a new way of generating income and its not very often clients want leave you if they subscribe to your own software. This is an efficient way of receiving the books all prepared which means less mess. You train clients for free because it helps you in the end.”

“There is something to be said for seeing that clients are logging in daily.

It’s just like watching your own children progress; your clients are growing with your software and getting better at it every time they speak to you. They love making you money it’s the greatest feeling.”

“The feedback I receive from my clients about the KashFlow are listed below”

“KashFlow is just great”; “I love it.” “It’s good this” “the best thing since sliced bread” “I can’t wait to go online”

“I have trained more people in software and accounts since I have taken on KashFlow than ever before. I have always encouraged software use but up to now found it a drain on resources to train and unwind the accounts placed on software by clients. I used to offer a complete accountancy service to final accounts. But now for those who want to use software I offer KashFlow. I even suggest KashFlow to those that do not initially request it as its internet and I can sometimes give a little internet training for free so something for nothing makes clients have that feel good factor again.”

“This certainly releases our time for other clients and account work once the bookkeeping has been taken over by a client to KashFlow software. The income string still exists from the subscription as I charge monthly and include free training. Eventually they will need less housekeeping so that means every one is happy and we are all winners. IE. Accounts on time they are in control and the books the way you want them.”

“I could go on for ages …………………..I summon this up with my catchphrase” “Talking Your Language”

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.