Alpha Business Services

Alan Moore

Alpha Business and Accounting Services is a firm of Chartered Management Accountants operating in the West Midlands, Shropshire and Worcestershire, providing a full financial support service for businesses.

Partner Alan Moore ACMA explains:

Many ‘one-man’ businesses wanted our support, but it was just not cost-effective for us to help them. It would have been very expensive if they had to pay our normal rates just to implement basic transactions.

If we could find a way that allowed these potential clients to input the data easily, then we could provide the advisory business service they needed. We considered developing our own spreadsheets for them and looked at using other software, but everything just seemed too complicated for this type of client to use.

The Solution

KashFlow seemed just what these small businesses needed. I signed up for the Partner Programme, which allowed me to brand the software as part of the overall package we could offer. KashFlow has helped us develop a unique selling proposition to these smaller businesses. If they sign up to use Alpha Business Services, then they have use of the KashFlow software to produce invoices and maintain simple records – anywhere they can get on-line.

We can now deliver an effective service for smaller businesses, whereas in the past, we would have had to turn this type of business away. Experience had shown us that it was just not worth the hassle dealing with the paperwork before we could advise and support.

The Partner Programme allows clients to handle basic transactions themselves, whilst we can assess which clients are using the service and how often. On an adhoc basis we monitor clients’ activity and I am pleased to say that they are all using the software on a daily basis. Because of the ease of use of KashFlow, our clients no longer see bookkeeping as a chore. So they’re keeping their own records up to date without us having to constantly chase them.

This has allowed us to be in the position to offer good, relevant and timely advice to them as required.

When it comes to using the software, KashFlow provide support to our clients so we don’t need to worry about being able to support it ourselves. The software is so intuitive that our clients rarely have questions about how to use it anyway – a sign of how good and robust the system is.

I think the ease of use of KashFlow is outstanding compared to other programs on the market. I am delighted that KashFlow has allowed me to provide a cost-effective, profitable service to smaller businesses whilst ensuring that they maintain good, accurate records.

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.