AIMS Accountants for Business (Solihull)

David Evans

David is an approachable client focused accountant who enjoys applying his skill and experience for the benefit of his clients and can provide solutions at both strategic and practical levels for all sizes of business. The practice does not charge by the hour and agrees fixed fees before undertaking assignments.

I found it extremely easy to help my clients integrate KashFlow into their businesses’ processes; the software is very easy to use and there’s no need for an accountancy background. The functionality is great and KashFlow also offers 24/7 free support if clients do get stuck!

Most of my clients are the owner-managers of small businesses, and are always looking to save time. Because KashFlow is web based I can help my clients by logging in to Orbit to see the same screen that they are looking at to advise them or make entries and corrections on their behalf. This is much easier than having to share files offline, which is often cumbersome and unreliable.

In essence, it’s the ease of use and its functionality that sets KashFlow apart – the ability to create and email invoices, obtain payments by direct debit and automate processes is extremely popular with clients and being able to work on the same set of data to resolve issues from anywhere in the world is popular with me!

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.