AIMS Accountants for Business (Ashford)

Alison Robinson

My partner Gary and I are highly motivated Chartered Management Accountants with over 50 combined years of business experience in a wide range of industries. We provide a personal, local service and with our national support centre we are able to assist and advise you in all matters of tax and accountancy.

My partner and I have each been working in the field of accountancy for over thirty years, with lots of experience implementing financial systems in all sorts of businesses. Our average customer is an SME owner seeking to minimise their bookkeeping administration and understand how their business is performing on a monthly basis.

We first heard about KashFlow when one of our clients was seeking an accounting solution they could use on an Apple Mac that we could also use on a PC. They asked us to review KashFlow and, because we’re constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and better support our clients, found it to be an obvious choice.

Features like automated backups and global access already have big corporates playing catch up with the likes of KashFlow! Ease of use is a prime factor and even clients with minimal computer experience find the transition fairly pain-free and tell us they would hate to have to go back to manual bookkeeping! One client told us she had been struggling with other software for a year and a half, so we suggested she gave KashFlow a try. A week later, she told us she’d redone all 18 months of her accounts on KashFlow and absolutely loves it.

Orbit provides us with a view of all our clients’ data in one place without needing their access details or having to wait for copies of their data, this allows us to produce end of year accounts more quickly. In the current climate, with more and more businesses requiring forecasts etc to secure funding and support, Orbit helps us to provide everything that our clients need – we feel closer to our clients than ever before!

IRIS KashFlow Connect is completely free.