Linux Accounting Software

Linux users have feelings too. So why are you so often ignored?


And just because you use Linux doesn’t mean you don’t need to do decent bookkeeping.

KashFlow is an all-inclusive open church, so if Linux is your bag, KashFlow will fit very nicely into your world.

Since its launch KashFlow has won a sizable amount of market share and, more importantly, plaudits from business owners across the UK, as well as from leading figures such as HRH The Prince of Wales and Bill Gates. Admittedly, Linus Torvalds hasn’t yet gone on the record with any comments about us.

But KashFlow has also regularly won awards, including the Software Satisfaction Awards, voted for by the public. Most recently we won ‘Best Accounting Software’ at the 2011 awards, polling an incredible Software Satisfaction Score of 96.25%.

The world has moved on since our first win in 2006, and KashFlow has evolved with the business and technological world around it.We’re continuously adding more features and integrated products to the software

KashFlow now operates with secure cloud based technology, synchronises with the third party applications that matter and is the simplest online accounting software available, for Mac, PC and Linux users alike.

For a free 14 day day, Linux friendly trial – with none of the ‘forget to cancel and we’ll bill you’ rubbish, click here and get started right away.

We reckon Tux is a KashFlow user. Keep it under your hat though.

See how KashFlow works with your business and your books