KashFlow Windows 10 App Fact Sheet


• App for new and existing users
• Can be discovered in the app store by searching for key words “invoicing”, “bookkeeping”.
• Innovation by KashFlow, no competitors currently listed in app store.


Visit Windows 10 App store:

• Go to the Start menu, and select the Store tile (the one with the shopping bag).
• Click the Store tile in the taskbar.
• Visit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-apps

1. Search for KashFlow
2. Click “Free”
3. Log in or create Microsoft Account (if creating, open a separate browser tab)
4. Complete additional details if required
5. Wait while it installs
6. Once finished, click Open
7. Pin to TaskBar (right click)

Customer Benefits

• Free app
• All the power of KashFlow Accounting Software on your desktop or mobile
• Quicker to launch KashFlow
• Seamless experience across Windows 10 (desktop) and Windows 10 mobile
• The first bookkeeping app to work on Windows Holographic
• Snap to window/size in Windows 10 provide responsive sizing of the app
o Allows for split screen productivity
o Minimise the app whilst working on other items and instant resume

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