Invoice templates for small businesses

If you’ve got all of the information you need then you’re ready to create and send your invoice.

You can download free invoice templates for your small business today and you’ll be ready to go without having to worry about making it all look smart.

Information you need to create your invoice

  •   A unique identification number
  •   Your company name and address
  •   Your customer’s company name and address
  •   A description of what you’re charging for
  •   The supply date of the products/services 
  •   The date of the invoice
  •   The amount(s) being charged
  •   VAT amount if applicable
  •   The total amount owed

We’ve created a simple invoice template which doesn’t include a column for VAT, an invoice which includes a VAT column and a spreadsheet template with auto calculating columns, all ready to download for free.

Easy-to-use Invoice Templates with KashFlow

If you like our template and want a way to make invocing even quicker and easier then you can sign up for our software and automate admin-heavy processes such as repeat billing and credit control. In fact, you can even get a free trial of our software too, giving you the chance to see how KashFlow can help streamline your invoicing so you can spend more time making money for your business.

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Benefits of KashFlow’s Invoicing Software

Invoicing on the go

Whether you’re in the office, at home or meeting a customer you can create and send invoices on any device from anywhere with KashFlow.

Customise Your Invoices

Create the right impression with professional invoices. Easily add your company logo, customise text and email invoices straight to your customers.

Get Paid Faster

Link KashFlow with well known payment providers and add a pay online button so your customers can pay instantly, and you don’t have to wait for BACS.

Easily See Payment Status

Keep on top of all your invoices from within KashFlow, with easy reporting. See payment statuses and set up automatic reminders for your customers.

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