Calling Providers of Business Software

Please Take Our Customers

Why you are reading this

We have thousands of customers that need your product. We want to introduce them to you.
There are no catches and we’re not asking you for any money.
It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Who we are

KashFlow is a web-based accounting application. It’s the most popular in the UK, has won multiple awards and has more than half (70% according to some sources) of the UK web-based accounting software market.

Our customers love our software and some go as far as to say that it makes accounting “enjoyable”.
This isn’t just marketing waffle, we have the evidence to back up all of our claims.

We’re a private, profitable company, owned by our Founder & CEO Duane Jackson and our Chairman The Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham (he has lots of letters after his name, used to be Chairman of Cable and Wireless, head honcho at the Institute of Directors plus lot of other impressive stuff)

What we’re lacking

Whilst we excel at providing brilliant, easy to use accounting software – that’s all we do.

We don’t want to build, sell or provide payroll software, ecommerce software, CRM software, Timesheet software, etc.
It’s not what we do, it’s not what we’re good at. It’s what you are good at.

So here’s the proposition

If we can get your products integrated with us then you will benefit because:

  • We’ll promote you to our existing and future customers as a product that works in tandem
    with our accounting software
  • You’ll have one over on your competition who can’t provide seamless integration with
    accounting software.
  • We’ll do some joint PR (if you want to) that will get your name out there.
  • You’ll be taking customer from your competitors that are too short sighted to see this as a
    great opportunity

We benefit because:

  • Our software is suddenly a viable option to those that need the functionality you can offer
  • We get our name out there on the joint PR stuff mentioned above
  • You might be nice enough to tell your customers about us

As we said above, no money needs change hands. It’s just a straight forward, mutually beneficial commercial relationship.

We need a genuine benefit for our customers – not just a “we recommend you, you recommend us” arrangement. So there would be a bit of work involved.

Essentially your software needs to be able to send data to our systems – depending on what your product is then that could be new customer and invoice information or accounting data. Whatever it is, we have good techies at our end that are able to help your techies with any questions.

It should be fairly straight forward as we have a Net SOAP Webservice that is quick and easy to work with.

Our current Partners

A number of companies have already taken us up on this proposition, including PayPal, DropBox, MailChimp and many more. You can see a complete list of integrated applications in our Apps section.

See how IRIS KashFlow works with your business and your books