Support for Withholding Tax

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

Recently we added support for CIS Accounting. The tax module that deals with this is highly configurable and is intended to be used for the withholding taxes used in some countries.

We’ve just added some additional options so that you can configure so that the rate of WHT to be applied is dependent on the type of goods/services being bought/sold rather than who it is being bought from or sold to.

In Settings -> WHT Options, choose to have WHT rates based on the type of goods/service bought, rather than the customer or supplier. You also have the option to show the list of rates applied on the invoice for your own or your customers/suppliers reference.

Once enabled then in Sales -> Sales Types and Purchases -> Outgoing Types, you can edit an item and set the appropriate WHT rate for it.

When you view an invoice or a receipt, if it contains a line that is set to a Sales Type or Outgoing Type that has a WHT rate other than zero, then a button will appear to add a WHT deduction to the invoice.

The amount of WHT deducted will be based on the value of each line and the rate set for the Sales/Outgoing Type

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