Sage Importer Changes

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

Due to development requirements of the new KashFlow user interface with support for additional users and more, we’ve had to introduce some changes to our Sage Importer.

These changes aren’t applicable to any imports done until now and are only relevant for any imports from today onwards. Furthermore, the changes will only be applicable to a tiny minority of Sage imports whose customer and supplier codes fail certain validations. To summarise, we’re no longer supporting customer and supplier names and codes with less than 2 characters nor duplicate customer and supplier codes, instead an automatically generated code/name will be created based on the available customer or supplier details. Full details of the changes are defined below.

Sage Import Changes Detail

  1. If Sage Customer/Supplier code is duplicate or NULL, then KashFlow will auto-generate a code by appending the first 4 alpha-numeric characters of customer name appended to the next available number with regard to the customer/supplier codes for the user, with a ‘0’ padded in between. For example, if the customer name is ‘Richard’ and the next available number for the customer codes for the user is 4, then the auto-generated code will be ‘RICH04’.This auto-generation of code will also be accompanied by creation of a note within the customer/supplier profile saying that ‘Sage customer/supplier code ‘<the original code>’ was changed to ‘<auto-generated code>’ because it was duplicate or empty.’
  2. If the Sage Customer/Supplier name is NULL/Empty or single character, the name will be substituted with the code. For example, if the customer/supplier name field is ‘A’ or ” and the code is ‘CUST’, then the customer/supplier name is also set to ‘CUST’.
  3. In the above scenario, if the code is also a single character or NULL/Empty, then the KashFlow system will generate a name by appending the next available number, with regard to the customer/supplier codes for the user to the single character with a ‘0’ padded in between and save it in the name field. For example, if the customer/supplier name field is ‘A’ or ” and the code is ‘also A’, then the system-generated customer/supplier name will be ‘A03’, if ‘3’ is the next available number.This will also be accompanied by the creation of a note for the customer/supplier saying ‘Sage customer/supplier name ‘<the original name>’ was changed to ‘<system-generated name>’ because it was less than 2 characters long.’

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