Purchases Changes

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

As part of continued development, we’re happy to announce our latest changes have been deployed. Our latest update to new KashFlow primarily focuses on Purchases which is now fully transitioned to use JavaScript technology and is consistent with Quotes & Invoices. We’ve also made numerous enhancements throughout the application and squashed some bugs. The primary changes included in this deployment are listed below;


  • Purchases is now in JavaScript and has a consistent interface and workflow with Quotes & Invoices
  • In Purchases list, the attachment icon will now appear all the time if attachment present. The option to hide or show the icon has been removed from Purchase Settings as only a handful of users using purchase attachments had this option disabled.
  • In Purchases settings, the option “When I record a new purchase, I generally want to mark it as paid at the same time” has been removed. This is because of the new workflow present when creating a purchase.
  • Additional Users will now have access to Purchases.

Repeat Invoices & Purchases

  • Repeat Purchases is now in JavaScript and has a consistent interface and workflow with Repeat Invoices
  • Repeat Invoices & Purchases now include the option to sort by ‘Next Due’ date

Invoices & Purchases

  • Totals In Lists have been reintroduced and appear at the bottom of invoice and purchase lists
  • The Status Field on the edit invoice/purchase state has been removed

We’ve also made numerous other smaller enhancements, tweaks and improvements throughout the application as well squashed some pesky bugs. Thanks for all your great feedback so far.

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