Managing Bank Transactions

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

We’ve just added some new functionality that should be of great use to most of our customers.

When you are viewing transactions on a bank account, all transactions entered directly in the bank area (as opposed to transactions resulting from a payment made/received) will have a tick box next to them.

You can select as many of the transactions as you like. At the bottom of the page is a drop-down list that says “Select an Action”.

You can choose “Delete” – this will delete all of the chosen transactions, saving you have to delete them individually.

You can choose to assign the payments to invoices/purchases. This is especially handy if you’ve just imported a bank statement. The system will try to automatically match up payments to invoices/purchases based on the amounts. But you can override the allocation made by the system.

This will then allocate the selected payments to the appropriate invoice/receipt.

You can also choose to allocate an individual payment when viewing it on the Edit Bank Transaction page.

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