Improvements to Stock Control

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

For a long time now you’ve been able to manage the number of items you have in stock of a particular product. You enter the amount you have in stock and it automatically decreases when you raise an invoice containing that item.

We’ve now added the ability to increase stock levels based on your purchases.

First ensure you have stock control enabled in Settings -> Stock Options

Then edit a Sales Type (Under the Sales Tab) or a product. Tick the box to say you want to manage stock levels. Some new options will appear including “Increment Stock Levels on Purchase” – select the Outgoing Type you want to use to increment the stock levels.

Click update.

Now create a receipt (Purchase Invoice) and select that Outgoing Type for one or more of the receipt lines.

When you view the receipt you’ll see a section called “Received Stock” or “receiving Stock”. This will list all items on the receipt that are set to increment stock levels. As soon as you receive those items just click the link to mark it as received and your stock levels will be automatically updated.

As ever, we welcome feedback on this new functionality so we can further improve it for you.

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