Improvements to CIS

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

We’ve just released a number of improvements to CIS calculation and reporting.

Cost of Materials
If you only wanted to apply CIS to some (ie: labour) but not all (ie: Materials) of an invoice then you had to add the labour first, then click the button to apply CIS then add the materials.


We now let you list the codes for Materials (and anything else you want to exclude from the calculations  so it no longer matters what order you add items to an invoice
Net Amounts
You can now choose to have net amounts shown on the CIS summary report instead of the gross amounts. 
Group by Customer / Supplier
Rather than ordered by invoice number, you can now choose ot have the CIS Summary group customers and suppliers together, so all 4 invoices from Joe Bloggs are listed one after the other.
Value of Materials
Seeing as we now know the codes for materials and other exclusions, we thought it made sense to add these to the report. So you can now choose to include this in the on-screen and CSV download of the CIS Summary Report.
All of the above can be configured by going to Settings -> CIS Options

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