Attachments on Receipts

Another improvement to our accounting software based on feedback from our customers:

We recently added Dropbox integration so you can attach files to a number of areas in the application.

Receipts, or Purchase Invoices, already allowed attachments which were stored on Amazon.

We’ve just upgraded the receipts area os it now also uses Dropbox. The following changes have been made:

1) There is now an option to enable Dropbox files on Receipts. This is found in Settings -> Dropbox

2) When viewing a receipt, the old Amazon upload option will only appear if you already have attachments stored with Amazon for the receipt or if you don’t have Dropbox enabled on receipts

3) Images and other files uploaded via our API (which includes images from Quicksnap and our iPhone app) will now be stored in Dropbox (if enabled) rather than Amazon. If Dropbox isn’t enabled for receipts then files will continue to be stored with Amazon

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