Automated Accounting

Often with software, especially accounting software, it feels like you’re working for it rather than it working for you.

We’ve changed that.

KashFlow automates a whole range of repetitive tasks. So you have more time to focus on your business safe in the knowledge that the important accounts stuff is being taken care of.

Automated Tasks

If you raise an invoice for the same amount and the same customer every month, then you should let the software do that for you.

If you have to chase customers for payment, let the software do it.

Recording your broadband bill every month? Let the software do it!

Repetitive tasks are boring. You’ll avoid boring stuff and it wont get done. So use KashFlow and forget about it!


Eliminate the need to re-key data. Whether it be from PayPal, an e-commerce site, a CRM system or anywhere else – it’s much more efficient and less prone to error to have the process automated.

There are lots of applications integrated with us to do exactly that. Check out our Apps section.

The Little Things

There are lots of little options within KashFlow that will each only save you a few seconds. Always tick that same box every time? Set it to be ticked by default. Not only will you not have to spend the half a second clicking on it, you don’t need to worry about ever forgetting it needs to be ticked.

All these little things add up to quite a time-saving.

See how KashFlow works with your business and your books