WorkShop Planner

Workshop Planner is a simple to use local PC application that integrates with KashFlow over the internet. It gives you access to your online quotes to plan your production processes and then to invoicing once the work is done and ready to dispatch.

Workshop Planner is a graphical interface which allows you to move around your processes by simply dragging with your mouse. You can move processes from workcentre to workcentre and the schedule them in time. You can split processes over several workcentres and it never allows you to plan the “impossible to do” by accident by keeping everything in sequence. With its unique display you can see processes overlapping behind processes, and processes overlapping days off. You can set up your own working week so it only plans work when staff are there to do the work. It also allows you  to allocate the work to staff, thus letting you choose the best plan to keep  to tight schedules and deliver your products in a timely fashion.

You can get more information from where you can download and install the program which allows an indefinate free trial (limited only by number of jobs you can put on). There are also videos you can look at to see how it works.

Workshop Planner is a fixed lifetime price and you get free upgrades as and when they are developed.

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