TallyPro is a user-friendly and comprehensive time recording system that allows organisations to accurately record and cost time, expenses and billings against clients and projects.

The program is provided as a hosted web service. Users can access the program from any location, via the web or our desktop application.

TallyPro has features normally only found in enterprise scale time recording systems, yet is effectively priced to suit both small and large users. The design goals have been for fast and flexible data entry routines combined with powerful reporting and analysis options. Standard views of data can be filtered, sorted, searched and then exported to Excel or PDF formats.

TallyPro also supports two types of time recording and costing:

  • Professional – where the cost ledger is referenced directly to the client with optional separate matters defined.
  • Commercial – where the cost ledger uses job / project numbers with optional subsidiary codings defined – any number of jobs can be linked to individual Clients.

TallyPro links directly with KashFlow allowing:

  • Transfer of client (customer) and contact information between the two applications. For example, clients can be created as prospective within TallyPro and then transferred to KashFlow when they become live. The synchronisation process is automatic updating existing clients at the same time as creating new ones. The process is also bi-directional updating and adding where required.
  • Invoices created within TallyPro can be posted to KashFlow updating all relevant ledgers (e.g. Sales, Nominal, VAT ledgers). Invoices created within TallyPro can be generated from, and allocated to, individual time and expense items ensuring that Work In Progress is always under control. Once created and transferred, invoices and statements can be printed from within KashFlow.

For a full list of features, and details of our 30 day free trial, please visit the TallyPro web site – http://www.tallypro.co.uk/

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