SimpleOrder is a plug and play online ordering platform that lets suppliers connect and communicate directly with customers update their offering automatically and avoid annoying end-of-month billing discrepancies.

The platform allows suppliers to receive orders digitally and directly into their Kashflow account, boosting speed and efficiency and eliminating costly man-hours spent entering data.

SimpleOrder helps suppliers push sales by communicating directly over the order (no more out-of-stock items or “guessing” replacements), and by marketing directly to customers, promoting new products to decision makers at the “decision-making-point”.

Highlights include…

Centrally monitor all your customers

Track all customer’s orders, prices, invoices, credits and returns

General and personal customers pricing and variety control

Get an instant B2B eCommerce presence

Work with registered or non-registered customers

Order suggestions drives sales and assure loyalty

Mobile & Tablet compatible

Real-Time reporting and stats

Low cost

Fully integrated with Kashflow

No set-up required

Benefits both parties – Comes with full suite of features for customer side

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