KashFlow is seamlessly integrated with Signable.

This lets you get documents and contracts signed electronically.

Setting Up

Linking a KashFlow account to Signable:

Just login to your Signable account, go to the ‘Apps’ section, choose KashFlow and enter your details. Your clients will begin syncing to Signable.

What you do

Nearly any document you have that needs a signature can be sent (and signed) via Signable, including service contracts, letters of engagement, tenancy agreements and lots more. Getting your documents signed via Signable saves you time, effort and money.

Documents get signed quicker with Signable as there is no need for the signer to print or scan the document, just sign with the mouse right there on the screen. No need to have to chase people for signatures either, Signable can remind people that you are waiting for a signature, saving you loads of time and effort.

How much it costs

We have a free 14 day trial for everyone. Just checkout our plans at and start a free trial. After the trial, you can choose which plan to have, whether it is a pay as you go or one of our monthly plans. Our monthly plans start at just £10 per month.

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